Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Albanian Football Federation is the highest collegial body that leads and makes decisions during the period between two Assemblies. It is elected by the General Assembly and consists of 11 members: Armand Duka (President), Lutfi Nuri (1st Vice-President), Edvin Libohova (2nd Vice-President), and eight members. President of the Association of Albanian Football Arbitrators is appointed automatically as member of the Executive Committee.

Specifically, the composition of Executive Committee appointed by the last assembly held on February 7th, 2018 in Durres  consists of: Armand Duka (President) and the members:

1. Abdyl Kuriu
2. Arben Dervishaj
3. Bardhyl Jera
4. Bardhyl Minxhozi
5. Edmond Spahiu
6. Edvin Libohova
7. Enkelejd Alibeaj
8. Lutfi Nuriu
9. Tahir Kastrati
10. Vasil Bicaj

The mandate of a member of the Executive Committee is four years. A member of the Assembly has no power to propose more than one candidate for the Executive Committee. The member elected by the Executive Committee must meet certain requirements: He should be an Albanian citizen and live in Albania. He should not have been convicted of a serious crime. He should issue a written statement that he resigns from the functions within the membership of the AFF if elected. He should be under the age of 70 on the date the General Assembly election is held.

Other requirements related to the needed education or training are defined in the terms of corresponding reference approved by the Executive Committee.

A member of the Executive Committee cannot  be a member of a judicial body of the AFF at the same time. The Executive Committee is convened as required, but at least six times a year. The meetings are chaired by the President. He calls the meeting at least ten days before the meeting. The final agenda and relevant documents should be sent to the members of the Executive Committee at least five days before the meeting. The General Secretary participates in the meetings of the Executive Committee only as a consultant. The decisions of the Executive Committee are made by majority of votes 50+1. In case of equal votes, the vote of the President is decisive. Executive Committee needs a certain number of at least six members in order to make valid decisions.

The Executive Committee has authority in specific areas as following:

It manages and directs the AFF works in accordance with these laws and ensures the implementation of the AFF statutes. It may approve necessary executive provisions for their application. With the proposal of the President, it can appoint and dismiss the General Secretary. With the proposal of the General Secretary, it may appoint or dismiss the Chiefs of sections of the General Secretariat of the AFF. With the proposal of the General Secretary, it may improve the internal organizational regulation of the General Secretariat of the AFF. It may appoint, suspend or dismiss members of the judicial bodies of AFF. It may prepare and hold the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly.