For the Albanian Football Federation the implementation of the club licensing system is and
remains one of the main priorities of its work. It is our goal to ensure that this system works
properly and that all the information that the clubs need to obtain a license is available for
The basic principles of the system are independence and confidentiality, this especially during
the decision making process.
AFF is committed to implement the clubs licensing system under prescribed regulations.
(Edition 2018). Important remains for clubs to understand that their application has not
importance only to secure the license, but it will mostly affect in the good functioning of the
To continuously improve the level of services towards them, as well as to enhance the
effectiveness of the licensing system, we would ask that clubs and external partners to be as
close as possible and should be included in the annual review of this process.
AFF will implement a quality management system for the licensing of clubs and will ensure and
respect the requirements set by the Licensing Quality Standard of Clubs (Edition 2018).
AFF ensures that all those involved in the clubs licensing system are properly trained and fully
aware of their duties. Also, all those who are involved in this, should act in an ethical manner
and should respect the basic values of privacy and independence.
AFF requires and will continually seek to achieve through procedures:
Completing the minimum requirements stated in the Clubs Licensing Regulations.(Edition 2018)
Ensuring and maintaining the client’s confidentiality.
Ensuring the impartiality of the decision-making bodies and staff.
Guarantee of taking preventive action to avoid problems.
Guarantee to treat with efficiency the opinions, suggestions and complaints of clubs.
It should further ensure that all those involved in the system can obtain the necessary
information, training and being aware of their duties.
Cooperation, assistance and taking in consideration of complaints and suggestions of clubs will
remain one of our most important duties. We will work for continuous improvement of the
system by using the methods and examples from our counterparts in other European
As part of our core mission of promoting, protecting and developing the game, the policy
reaffirms and strengthens UEFA’s commitment to ensuring that football is a safe, positive and
enjoyable experience for all children involved in the game, regardless of their age, gender,
sexual orientation, ethnicity and social background, religion, and level of ability or disability.
Legal organization of football clubs, improved communication with clubs and training of their
staff will remain our top priority. AFF also will be focused on improving infrastructure and
attaining its basic standards. This objective becomes feasible if we refer to the federation
projects related to the improvement of the game fields in many stadiums in the country.
October 2019
For the Albania Football Association
General Secretary