Women’s U-16 national team, three full victories at UEFA’s tournament

The women’s national team U-16 has shown an excellent performance at UEFA Development Tournament, winning the third match against Montenegro, with the result 5-2. The girls led by experienced coach Agustin Kola have triumphed in all the three matches, 3-1 against Lithuania, 3-1 against Georgia and in today’s match, 5-2 against Montenegro.
‘’This is a very talented group. We are thrilled that the calling and the work with the girls has brought upon this success. We need the support of the families and our girls to be closer to football. We will welcome them during the matches and in the stadium. The work with this team will continue’’ – declared coach Kola. ‘’For us it is an honor to play for the jersey of Albania in Air Albanian Stadium, in front of thousands of fans. We are thrilled. We will continue to give the best for our red and black colors’’ – declared captain Iliadhi.
‘’We are happy that we welcomed this UEFA’s tournament. It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. We are closely working with the European football government to bring to Albania other tournaments. We will welcome by the end of the month the U-16 boy’s tournament, with the participation of Albania, Algeria, Georgia and Lithuania’’ – declared at the conclusion of this tournament the General Secretary of Albanian Football Association, Ilir Shulku.
The Albanian Football Association has given an important role to this tournament, organizing the matches at two national stadiums, Air Albania and Elbasan Arena, while four teams were accommodated in Durres. AFA has selected the kid’s and women’s football as the main priorities for the activities during 2020.
The presence of thousands of fans at Air Albania Stadium, showed the high interest of the fans for women’s football. A novelty during this international tournament was that all the referees were women.

The results of all matches:

11 February 2020:
Albanian – Lithuania 3-1 (Air Albania Stadium)
Georgia – Montenegro 0-2 (Elbasan Arena)
13 February 2020:
Albania – Georgia 3-1 (Air Albania Stadium)
Montenegro – Lithuania 1-2 (Elbasan Arena)
16 February 2020
Albania – Montenegro 5-2 (Air Albania Stadium)
Lithuania –Georgia 2-2 (5-4 penalties ) (Elbasan Arena)

Albania 9 points
Lithuania 5
Montenegro 3
Georgia 1