University of Tirana/ Football Forum organized by AFA at the Faculty of Economy

The Albanian Football Association has started the series of Football Forums. The first meeting was held at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Tirana. The President of the Albanian Football Association, Armand Duka, accompanied by the General Secretary,Ilir Shulku, was received by the Dean Prof.Dr Dhori Kule and held a conversation with the students and professors of this faculty. Present in this meeting was the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof.Dr Artan Hoxha. The forum was focused mostly at the continuation and problematic of football in our country.
‘’We are honored to receive the President of AFA, Armand Duka, a former student of the Faculty of Economy, that returns after many years to convey the message that the need for cooperation between institutions is efficient for all of us. Competition is a moving force for developing the economy’’- declared Prof. Kule.

‘’I am happy to be back, not like a student though, and I am glad to meet and share opinions together. I met some friends today, who were students but now teach here. You deal with numbers, you are economists, you can see your future, the cooperation with football, managing of the clubs, and football players, the federation and many factors that will help develop the sport. Our priority is not to put sport as the priority of developing the country; our fight is to put it on the list. It seems that the Albanian politics does not include sport in its list, but considers as a moment that they need for votes for when we reach good results. We don’t have an institution for the development of sport in Albania or a genuine national strategy. Our focus for 2020 is children’s football and women’s football; we want that the girls play the same as the boys, and spread all over Albania. We started 10 years ago with women’s football, through many difficulties; we should create better conditions for women’s football. We have the women’s national team, we have the national championship and we have the Under national teams but we aim to increase the participation of women in football races. Also the children’s football will receive maximal attention ‘’- declared President of AFA, Mr.Armand Duka.
Prof. Hoxha declared: ‘’The presence of Mr. Duka here is a message that sport’s life should be part of a student’s life. We have the opportunity to cooperate more and this is a chance for the students to show their skills not only on auditors but also on different sports’’.

The Football Forums, initiated by AFA, aim to increase the public communication and the exchange of ideas, initiatives and vision from the Association, together with the institutions, universities, civil society, etc, for the importance of football, the beloved sport for Albanians.