The coach of the national football team of Albania, mister Panucci , held a press conference where he made an overview of the friendly match against Norway. The coach answered to the interest of the media and their questions and underlined :’’ We knew that it was a friendly match, and we made experiments including many young players. I think that I understood that who can be part of the national team. I learned more from this defeat than the win in Turkey. I don’t like to lose, and I hope that the players feel that too, that I don’t sleep when I lose, and yesterday I slept little. Regarding the team I must say that the physical preparation made a big difference. Even if we had more time, we wouldn’t score. As for the players that participated, I share my conviction that Ramadani made a good presentation. I also like the aggressiveness of Bare, on of a few. It seems like we suffered a goal and it was the same. Qaka was full of emotions. I see Lika during practice and he works a lot and I praise him as one of the elements of the group. Regarding the module of play ? One option is the module 4-3-3

But I have my own ideas and there is no looking back. We knew the situation , but if this match was for the qualifying round , we wouldn’t never play like this. I don’t want to justify anyone. I am responsible for this. But when players like Ajeti, Mavraj and Sadiku don’t play, Roshi has just started to play and is not on shape, the situation becomes unfavorable. I am worried about this situation, because there are many players that don’t play with their respective teams. I assure you that if these were official matches you would see a different Albania. We have two friendlies by the end of May. The players might be at the end of the season with their teams but the national team is an obligation, and above all, the summit of pride.

If we all demonstrate the condition that we showed against Turkey, I guarantee that we are a very good team‘‘ – declared among other things coach Christian Panucci during his press conference with the media.

He will travel to Budapest, in order to see closely the opponents of Albania in UEFA Nations League, namely Scotland , in the match against Hungary. The next selection of Albania will be on 26 May in Switzerland, where it will prepare the two planned friendlies, that will be confirmed soon by our communication channels.