General Secretary Shulku met with Dr.Pipero and Harxhi: Thank you for your sacrifice!

The Albanian Football Association highly praises the National Team, the doctors, the nurses, the sanitary staff and the ambulance drivers of the COVID-1 and COVID-2 hospitals, that at these unusual times they are facing the deadly virus. For all those involved, AFA decided to donate a jersey and a ball for their children in sign of support, so they can pass the time with sports activities.

The General Secretary of AFA, Ilir Shulku, held today a meeting with doctors Pellumb Pipero and Arjan Harxhi, expressing the appreciation of the entire football community for the courage and huge work that they are doing for this difficult ‘match’. Dr. Pipero and Dr.Harxhi thanked the Albanian Football Association for the gifts and for calling all the medical staff, our National Team.