The category of football employees that benefit from the financial aid package of Albanian Football Association

The Executive Committee of the Albanian Football Association decided to support Albanian football for this unusual period the country is going through due to the presence of COVID-19.
This decision was delivered to the football professionals by President Armand Duka, who stressed that this measure include the period 15 March- 15 April and in case the activities will be continue to be suspended the package will be extended for the period 16 April – 15 May.

The categories that benefit from this package are:
• Football players of the Superior Category and the staff, every employee that pays insurance.
• All those employees that have no other source of income will receive a full payment of 30,000 ALL.
• Member staff of the clubs that work part-time, benefit half the pay.
• All the coaches of ‘Under’ teams that don’t have another job receive a full payment.
• The coaches that already have another job will benefit only half a payment.
• All the referees that don’t have another job will receive a full payment.
• The clubs of the women’s championship
• The clubs that depend from the municipalities will not benefit from this package.