Seminar with the delegates, Keller: “Security is key for sports races’’

It was held today in the premises of ‘’Tirana International’’ Hotel, the seminar with the Chief of Delegates of UEFA, Mr. Setphane Keller. Present in this important event, organized by the Competition Department of AFA, were all the delegates that are committed with football competitions that are held in our country.

Mr. Keller, after presenting his duties, talked about his daily work and explained for the participates the role of the delegate and the cooperation that they should have with all the participating factors of a football match. He explained the latest practices for the organization and management of a match and noted that a delegate should be flexible depending of the circumstances and security should be key, for a bias race.

The Chief of Competition Department at the Albanian Football Association, Lysien Nurishmi, stressed the importance and the weight of a delegate in organizing and managing the match, a position that should be approximated with the UEFA standards as soon as possible.
AFA aims that through this training to display the international experience in organizing and managing a football match, to increase the qualifying level of the delegates due to the continuous evolution of football in our country. Some of the main focus points of the seminar were:
1. Management crisis during the matches
2. Match interruption
3. Violence cases at the stadium
4. Violence of the match officials
5. Filling the final report of the match
6. Communication with the clubs days before the development of the match
7. Official meeting with the clubs at match day

By the end of the seminar all the delegates went through a test prepared by Mr. Keller together with the Competition Department of AFA. The test lasted for 20 minutes.