Referee Academy, second edition starts today

The Referee Academy, one of the biggest priorities of the Albanian Football Association, has started in the first day of October the lectures, thus opening the academic year for this course. This is the second edition that the sector of referees organizes this course for those who want to be part of football and make justice in the field of play.

In the first edition organized two years ago, 75 referees (women and men) were graduated and are today part of Albanian football. 90 students were registered for this year’s course, 14 of which are female. The participants of this course will get basic knowledge of the Rules of the Game, physical training and the necessary knowledge for a new referee.

The age of the students vary from 14-22 years old, a request that comes as a orientation from FIFA and UEFA, where the ideal age for starting a career is 15-16 years old and will continue in parallel with football at young ages. The course will be

held in two phases, the presentation phase and the consolidation phase, where experts from the world of referees will lecture the students, together with sports’ psychology, sports medicine, physical preparation and foreign lectors.

Those who will graduate will get the diploma of ‘’ Referee of the Third Category’’ and their career will begin at the Collegiums of the cities they come from, refereeing the lower leagues.