Honored fans of Albanian football, wherever you are!

Last night’s event was a great day for Albanians wherever they are: we realized a longstanding dream, the official friendly match between the teams of one blood, Kosovo-Albania. It was a great day for all Albanians , wherever they life, but I cannot deny that it was a dark day for our national team. But, in football there are days like these, that no one wishes for. I believe that the team, the staff and everyone will know how to read this bad representation.
This team has a lot of growing potential, and I wish that we demonstrate this immediately in the next match against Ukraine. Kosovo played better than us, and I congratulate them, and I cannot hide the enthusiasm for their success, as it is for Albania. I wish the best for the team of Kosovo in the future endeavors.
On the other side, I find it difficult to believe or understand, not only me but also citizens without prejudice from both sides of the border , that such friendly match between brothers becomes the case of attacks, negativity from certain individuals that want the spotlight, thinking that can add fuel to an inexistent fire. Albania and Kosovo simply played a sports match.
The national team of Albania has always been open for footballers from the Albanian lands. We needed qualitative players and they wanted to express their qualities and give their contribution for the only Albanian team. Together we have made proud every Albanian around the globe, with actions not words. We lobbied with passion and zeal for Kosovo to have the association that it has today. That is why this friendly match between brothers, no matter the result, should make us happy. That was all, a friendly match: critics for Albania, congratulations Kosovo. As for the rest I find it impossible to debate with political analysts or former presidents, that within 24 hours become football managers, from both sides of the border.

Cheers Albanians, wherever you are!