Licence renewal of UEFA B-A-PRO, dates and datelines

The sector of Education at the Albanian Football Association, noted that next week is the last week for renovating the license, UEFA B, UEFA A and UEFA Pro.

All the coaches that have these licenses, that have three year duration and have ended their deadline, will not be allowed to coach for the new season unless they don’t renew their license at the School of Coaches at the Sport Center in Kamez.
The renewal will be held according to this program:

UEFA B – Monday and Tuesday 19-20 August , from 09:00, Kamëz
UEFA A – Wednesday and Thursday, 21-22 August, from 09:00, Kamëz
UEFA Pro – Friday and Saturday, 23-24 August, from 09:00, Kamëz

*All the coaches should present the old license, a photo and a payment of 1000 ALL. The payment can be done at Union Bank.