Awards for the referees in 2019 and the FIFA stamps, Duka:’’The only ally that will accompany during your career is the game itself’’

It was held today the ceremony for the Referee Awards and the Best Female Referee 2019, and the FIFA badges for 2020 (men&women). The novelty of this year was the fact that Albania has three women referees, Emanuela Rusta as main referee and Erinda Kume and Koleta Prenga as assistants.

In this activity organized by the Association of Referees and the Referee Committee, was present the President of the Albanian Football Association, Armand Duka, General Secretary of AFA, Ilir Shulku, President of BASHF, Tahir Kastrati, head of the Referee Sector, Sokol Jareci and lecturer of FIFA, Alen Snody.
President Duka in his speech, expressed the evaluation for the work of the referees during 2019 and advised them to work even harder during the New Year, in order to be a team and held to develop the Albanian football. ‘’I want to thank you all for the contribution during 2019, a great contribution for the development of football in Albania. Refereeing has made significant steps towards. What we have requested to the Association and the Committee is that we should have more referees, a correct position and their monitoring in order to create a big team. The councils should help the new referees for increasing their performance. What we discussed during the last meeting we had with the association is that we do very little for helping a talent, on the contrary with a football player. Even this discipline has its own talents and we should do our job to help and assist them.
The number of referees and the objectives we have are low. This should be one of the objectives for the future, aiming to add the number of referees and their quality. We should not be carried away by the unsatisfactory routine for a bad decision and forget the real objective of our job. It is important that the referee does what he knows and thinks, not harming the result of anybody.
Believe me; I have plenty of experience in football, even though I haven’t played football myself. The only ally that you could have during your career is the game itself. All the other allies will abandon you. If you have passion for this profession, and if you love this profession, the game is your ally. If you thing to favor someone, serve to someone else and do a favor, your will be abandoned. Build your experience and you will see it by yourself. Who has been correct with themselves and with the game has made a good career, long one. Keep this in mind. In a country like Albania is not easy to give justice, but if the people are convinced that you have given justice, you have gained immunity in front of those negative phenomena that surround the Albanian society. If you have the game as the ally and partner, things will be fine’’- declared President Duka, wishing a good season for the class of referees.

The President of the Association of Referees, Tahir Kastrati, said in his speech that systematic and continuous work is required by all to increase the level of arbitration. “It takes constant work across all components, physical, theoretical, psychological and what I have always ordered, the growth of personality and individual authority. This is achieved by behavior, by building relationships, by your determination, by your neutrality, by your conviction to do the best in this field’’.

1.Enea Jorgji
2.Eldorjan Hamiti
3.Juxhin Xhaja
4.Emanuela Rusta

Assistants :
1.Denis Rexha
2.Rejdi Avdo
3.Ridiger Cokaj
4.Ilir Tartari
5.Nertil Bregasi
6.Dojando Myftari
7.Koleta Prenga (first time )
8.Erinda Kume