54 teachers of physical education receive for free the training and license ‘’D’’ , from the Albanian Football Association!

Project ‘’Grow 2020’’ continues intensively its implantation in different zones of Albania, with the football hour during the physical education class, and now comes with a new benefit, that of licensing.

According to what the project foresaw during the presentation now it is fact : 54 teachers of physical education have been trained and got the license ‘’D’’ for free , from the Education Sector of AFA , after training hour at the premises of the Coach School in Kamzë. All the teachers participated to the programs of this license and received their diploma , and are officially certified with the level ‘’D’’ diploma. The same procedure will be followed with teachers of physical education in the cites of Durres, Elbasan, Shkoder and more . These cities are included for the ‘’Grow’’ project. For weeks now the coordinators of the project implement the stages of this project in different schools in Tirana, Durres, Elbasan Shkoder etc.

The children of this age group that are part of this project learn and entertain during the hours of physical education. Everything is in full coordination from the Central Project Office of AFA. Now, even the teachers that conduct these hours are licensed for free by the Albanian Football Association.